Interactive lessons
created to enhance
speaking skills.

Our fun, interactive lessons engage creativity, communication and a sense of achievement, as we work towards specific goals and exams. Designed to improve confidence in speaking skills and abilities, classes are tailored to children, teenagers and those with intellectual disabilities.

Thriving in our stimulating semi-private and group classes, we help students make progress at their own pace – whether enhancing already strong speaking skills or addressing performance anxiety.

From managing an audience to responding to questions, students learn a range of impromptu speaking techniques. Incorporating visual aids – like books and objects for younger students, and overhead presentations for older students – we help enhance the quality and presentation of public speaking.

Speak Free

Classes for able and intellectually disabled students encourage the same skills – we simply customise lessons to suit individual paces and needs.

Lessons focus on helping students create, communicate and achieve through visual techniques, articulation and body language. Preparing students for ordinary life situations, we encourage independent thinking to improve confidence.

Our lessons are designed to help you Speak Free.

The importance of public speaking.

Helping students lead and participate in the exchange of ideas with an audience, public speaking focuses on creating a talk, communicating an idea, and persuading an audience with this idea. Teaching students to convey their opinions in a persuasive manner, our public speaking lessons incorporate visual aids, expression, persuasive devices, and verbal and non-verbal communication, so everyone can achieve their personal goal of being heard and understood.

Prepared and Impromptu Speaking

Prepared and Impromptu Speaking

Prepared and impromptu speaking lessons give students the scaffold to make an effective talk, integrating spontaneous thinking, confidence building and persuasive devices.

Vocal Exercises

Vocal Exercises

Vocal exercises help students communicate in impactful ways, through projection, articulation, clarity, modulation and vocal expression.



At Speak Free, we use improvisation games and techniques to develop confidence and creativity in spontaneous interaction with an audience.



We engage a variety of drama games to make lessons fun for kids and teens. Drama techniques encourage students to stand up and speak in front of an audience, work with the voice, improve vocal expression, and explore new personas.



Poetry fosters emotional expression, self-awareness and creative thinking, with emphasis on symbolism, metaphors and imagery. When poetry, prose and verse are shared, they can move and inspire others, while strengthening language, writing and speaking skills.

We hear you!

Because everyone deserves to have their voice heard, we also offer customised lessons. Get in touch to discuss your specific communication needs, and we’ll tailor a program to you.

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