confidence in
public speaking skills.

Speak Free

Essential skills for life.

Speak Free helps primary and high school aged students build confidence in their speaking abilities, through varied lessons and exercises.

Public speaking is an essential, lifelong skill. We teach our students to create and deliver effective talks through three key areas, focusing on building confidence, refining projection, articulation and clarity, and making speeches interesting through modulation and vocal expression.

With a mix of techniques ranging from improvisation and impromptu speaking to prose reading and verse, Speak Free helps students prepare for everyday life situations, in a fun, engaging setting.

Have confidence!

Though our lessons work towards many goals, like the Australian Speech and Communication Association (ASCA) and Trinity College London exams, our main focus is helping students create, communicate and achieve.

Be heard and understood.

Our passion for helping students boost creativity, improve communication skills and achieve personal bests flows through every aspect of our work. Incorporating projection, articulation and clarity into our lessons, we teach students to use their voices to their full potential.

Learn to Speak Free.

Find out more about in-school programs and customised lessons.

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